Hexagon Burger Press

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The Hexagon Burger Press goes beyond the single burger press by instantaneously forming and storing a batch of eight burger patties, making homemade burgers easier than ever. Fill the bottom tray with your favorite burger recipe and lock the lid to make eight flawlessly consistent quarter-pound patties ready for stuffing, grilling, chilling, or freezing. Even when frozen, the burgers will easily pop off of the non-stick tray. So get your grill going because your burgers are ready to cook!

The Hexagon Burger Press is small enough to fit in any freezer, refrigerator, or cooler. Each one can contain eight servings. By weight, 4 oz., or 1/3 cup by volume

It's simple to break off a patty because to the hexagonal design. They remain separate and do not adhere to the container.

The best part about the fantastic Hexagon Burger Press is that it makes it simple to prepare home-cooked meals. Always available, always simple, always quick.

This fits your:

  • Press and stuffs up to 8 quarter-pound burger patties at a time (each container holds approx. 2 pounds).
  • Easily pop frozen burger patties directly onto the barbecue.
  • Individually seals each burger patty to prevent freezer burn and/or sticking to each other.
  • Stacks easily in the freezer, fridge or cooler so burgers are ready to grill when you are!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Hexagon Burger Press